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CATTER LAW Catter Law W E Jolly Factor
R.D Mackenzie
Revd [Reverend] W.B.S Paterson
015 A circular artificial Mound adjoining Catter House Supposed to have been a place where Law Courts were held in Ancient times presided over by the Lords of Lennox.

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Parish of Kilmaronock

"His successor Donald, gave the lands of Buchquhannane and Sallochy to Maurice de Buchquhanne
and gave him the privilege of holding courts of life and limb within the said lands, on condition of all
convicted of capital crimes should be executed at the earl's gallows of Cathar, ---- The Moot hill of
Cathar, a large artificial mound is still entire". - (Origines Parochiales)
"At Catter is a large artificial earthen mound, anciently the Seat of Courts of justice". - (Fuln. [Fullarton's] Gazetteer)

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