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Batturret or Baturrich
Title Deeds
Robert Findlay Esqr. Propr. [Proprietor]
Mr R Weir, Steward
Origines Parochiales
Fullarton's Gazetteer
Old Stat Act. [Statistical Account]
New Stat Act. [Statistical Account]
014 A Superior Residence in the Castellated Style of Acchitecture having garden Plantations and ornamental ground attached the property of and occupied [by] Robert Findlay
The only part of the Original Castle of Boturich [now] in existence is that portion of the Southern wall of the present Castle between the two turrets

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Parish of Kilmaronock

"Within the parish of Kilmaronock was situated the
ancient castle of Batturret or Baturrich whose ruins
are seen on the side of the lake". (Origines Parochiales.)
"Between Mount Misery and Loch Lomond, on a rising
ground about half a mile from the lake stands
Batturich Castle built about seven years ago on
part of the ruin of an ancient castle of the same
name, which seems to have been once a magnificent
edifice". (Fuln [Fullarton's] Gazetteer.)
"The castles of Kilmaronock and Batturet now in ruins,
appear to have been formerly very magnificent edifices."
(Old Stat Act [Statistical Account])

"The modern buildings of any extent in the parish are - 1 Baturrich Castle. It [is]
built on part of the ruin of the ancient Castle of Baturrich, 2. ___" (New Stat Act [Statistical Account])

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