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DUNCRYNE [hill] Duncryne

Duncruin Hill
Duncruinn Hill or Duncryne
W G. Jolly Factor
Revd [Reverend] James Dunlop
Mr John Robb
Fullarton's Gazetteer.
New Stat Act. [Statistical Account]
014 A conspicuous hill, high and of an oval shape, the [side] of which is steep the whole [planted] with forest and fir trees the Duke of Montrose proprietor
SOUTH GARTOCHARN South Gartocharn John C Lenny Propr [Proprietor]
Mr John Robb
Mr John Murdoch
014 A farmsteading So Called the property of And Occupied by John Cunningham Lenny

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Parish of Kilmaronock

[Below entry for Duncryne:]
"Dun - A heap, a fortress," (Gaelic)
Cruinn -- Round, circular. - (Gaelic)
Crine. - Excessive littleness. - (Gaelic)
Crine, Diminutive, [ ] littleness
Crean dearly bought

[Below entry for South Gartocharn:]
Gart - Standing Corn - Gaelic

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