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Havock Hole
Havock Hole
Cave of Havock
James McArthur
Mr. McCohn
John Traquaer
Irvine's History of Dumbartonshire
022 A Cave in the face of a rocky precipice near Clarkhill, Mr. McArthur says that it extends in for about 20 yards as he at one time reached the end of it with a pole.
"On the lands of Ardoch is situated the Cave of Ardoch reputed at one time to have been a favourite resort of Lennox Witches, and which is supposed to have had an outlet at its northern extremity. A tradition, no doubt, founded on the Elfish Chant, "In at the flow of the Havock and out at the Yetts o' Carman, This is the only memory of a once popular superstition which still lingers in the locality" Irvine's History of Dumbartonshire
Mr. McCohn Proprietor
James McArthur
022 A fine dwelling house, having a garden and a small portion of ornamental ground attached
ARTHUR'S SEAT Arthur's Seat
Arthur's Seat
James McArthur
R. Glen
022 A small eminence west of Castle Hill, it is wooded

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