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Site of the MILITARY WAY [Cumbernauld] Site & Remains of Military Way
Site & Remains of Military Way
Site & Remains of Military Way
Site & Remains of Military Way
Site & Remains of Military Way
Site & Remains of Military Way
Site & Remains of Military Way
Site & Remains of Military Way
Caledonia Romana
New Statistical Account.
A. Kirkwood. Garnhall
James Forrester Tollpark
William Chalmers Arniebog
T. Allan Westerwood
W. StarK E. [Easter] Dullatur
T. Duncan W. [Wester] Dullatur
019 ; 020 "To the Southward of Antoninus's Wall was situated the Military Way - a Regular Causewayed road about 20 feet wide - which kept by the course of the wall at irregular distances, approaching in some places to within a few yards, and
at others receding to a considerable extent".
Caledonia Romana.
Very Slight portions of the Military Way are to be seen in this Parish, & what has been pointed out as the remains or site of it appears doubtful in the absence of any regular causewayed remains to be seen on the ground. This description particularly refers to the present occupation Road on the Farm of Tollpark, (Trace 3.20.13) from the Parish Road to the Steading, which has at present, nothing more remarKable in its construction, or appearance, than an ordinary farm road. The father of the present farmer of Tollpark, James Forrester,
however, states that the Causeway was in his time - about 40 years & better to be plainly seen at the part in question, as well as on both sides of it, at the same distance from the Roman wall, as far as Arniebog on the west (Trace 2.20.13), and connected with the existing remains at Garnhall, in the east. (Trace 4.20.10). In the arable fields between the Parish Road & Gamhall evident remains, in the shape of numerous small stones may be seen on the site of the Road at any time when the ground is ploughed over. Such stones are not to be seen at any other parts of the fields. On the east side of Garnhall detached portions of the Causeway are seen at irregular intervals in the road connected with the foot path joining the Road to Castlecary Railway Station. The path is known as being upon the Site but no remains are to be seen. The continuation of the M. [Military] Way going eastwards, into Falkirk Parish, is not known or traceable until in Falkirk. where it is generally understood to have a Parish Rd. [Road] formed upon it, & in that Parish, as well as Cumbernauld, the name it bears is the "Roman Road".
On the authority of the Farmers of Arniebog, Tollpark & Westerwood, the Parish Road at the former (Arniebog) has been made upon the M. [Military] Way, but at present its appearance is like an ordinary Road. This Road runs parallel with the remains of the Fosse of the Roman Wall. /over
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