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HERD'S HILL Herd's Hill
Herd's Hill
Herd's Hill
Herd's Hill
G. Black Esqr. Pr. [Proprietor]
J. Aitken. Blackmyreknoll
W. Hopkin. Surface Man
J. Slater. Torbrex
026 A hill in Fannyside Muir of no great altitude from the surrounding moss or R.H.P. [Rough Heathy Pasture] but of great importance as a name which is generally known for miles around, & is said to have its origin from the herd or watcher, who was stationed upon it to give the alarm to the preachers &c. of the Covenanters. who, during the persecutions, used to assemble here for Religious purposes. It is the property, as well as the Muir of Fannyside, of Mr. G. Black. It was planted with trees for a long time but they were cut down recently. The top and bottom of this hill have been sketched as shewn in a yellow dotted line.

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Dumbartonshire (Det. [Detached]) -- Cumbernauld Parish

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