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FANNYSIDE MUIR (Continued) Fannyside Muir/continued 026 [Continued from page 113]
Bog Bridge (26-11) and Torbrex (26-10). The eastern extremity is at Garbethill Farm, (26-3 Trace 5) & the western by the Forest Plantation (Trace 1 of this Plan). Near the centre of the Muir are two large freshwater lakes of the same name. A T. P. [Turn Pike] Road from Cumbernauld to Airdrie or Slamannan (See Road at "Bog Bridge") passes through the Muir. It is mentioned in the New Statl. [Statistical] Account, that a Roman Road, leading from the South, to the Military Way at Castlecary Fort on the line of Antoninus's Wall is to be seen through the Moss, but no traces of it are known to any of the inhabitants of the district. At the farm of Garbet (Trace 4.25-3) the Moss boundary between that farm and the Propr. [Proprietor] of Fannyside has been sketched as it is undefined, to shew the extent to which the name applies. The Pr. [Proprietor] of Garbet & Garbethill having a desire to have their portions of the Moss not included under the name of the Muir. The Muir is the Property of Gavin Black Esqr.


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