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Site of CHAPEL [Auchinheglish] Site of Chapel Mr J Liddell Factor
William Campbell Junr. [Junior]
James Mackenzie
James Jamieson
New Stat: [Statistical] Acct: [Account]
017 About 10 chains N.E. [North East] from Auchinheglish in Loch Lomond is a metal pole or flagstall considered by the Authorities quoted to mark the Site of a Roman Catholic Chapel. James Jamieson and William Campbell Junr. [Junior] states that when the water is low in Summer time some portion of the ruins is discernable.
This object appears on the 6 inch Plan of Loch Lomond.

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Parish of Bonhill

Apocryphal. See
The statement of a correspondent
quoted in the New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of
Bonhill Ph. [Parish]

"At Auchinheglish, on the lands of Auchindenanrie,
was an old burying ground which was used within the
last century. It probably belonged to a place of
worship which gave name to the field, and the ruins
of which are pointed out when the lake is low, at a
short distance from the shore, having been
overflowed by the gradual encroachment of the water."
New Stat: Acct: [Statistical Account]

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