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Tumuli Tumuli
Mr A Smollett
Mr William Campbell Junr. [Junior]
John McGregor
New Stat: Acct. [Statistical Account]
017 This tumuli or ancient burying place is near the East end of Cameron plantation it is about 300 links long and 130 links broad the line of graves numbers about 25 in two unfinished rows and on the North Side of the Space an immens quantity of Small loose Stones are Collected the Origin of this place is not known.

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Parish of Bonhill

"There is a collection of Ancient tumuli on the high lands
of Sommer (Cameron ?) on the edge of the moor, which
has of late years been planted with birch and Scotch
firs; the graves of which there may be from twenty to
twenty-five, within an oblong of 200 feet by 60, are of
the usual description, formed by rude and undressed
stones, The covers have been mostly removed or destroyed,
Some forty or forty-five years ago [from 1840], an investigation
of these having been made, bones and stone arrow-heads were
discovered in them,"
New Stat: [Statistical] Acct: [Account]

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