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Coire Eoinein
Coire Eoinein
Rev. [Reverend] Duncan Campbell
Peter Turner
Duncan McFarlane
010 This name is applied to a large Coire on the east slope of "Ben Ruisg." Its south and west sides are very steep and rocky. It forms one of the principal features in the district. Out of it rises the Allt Dornan. the name signifies the Birds Coire.
MAOL REAMHAR Maol Reamhar Peter Turner 010 A small hill flat topped situated between the head of the Crom Allt and Allt Dornan the name signifies the Fat hill from its flat like appearance This name is now known only to the authority quoted

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County Dumbarton

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"Coire, A circular hollow surrounded
with hills, a mountain dell."
Eòinein, from Eun, - a bird.

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"Maol, The brow of a rock; a cape, a promontory.
Reamhar, Plump, great, greasy

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