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Ben Chaorach
Ben Chaorach
Ben Chaorach
Rev. [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Rev. [Reverend] D. Campbell
Peter Turner
Colin MacKay
Johnston's Co. [County] Map
010 A high and well known mountain on the western boundary of the Parish of Luss. It rises to a great height on all sides & is one of the highest hills in the district where it is situated, Its appearance on the west side is very regular. On the east are two considerable features, the projection "Sron-na-Speireig" and an extensive dell "Coire Coingheil." The general appearance of its range is with the parish boundary. This name signifies the sheep mountain.
BEALACH A' CHABAIR Bealach-an-Cabair
Rev. [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Peter Turner
Colin MacKay
010 A slight depression to the south of "Ben Chaorach" passing through the range on which the parish boundary runs

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Co [County] Dumbarton

[Below entry for Beinn Chaorach:]
Corrected at O.S.O. [Ordnance Survey Office] Glasgow
"Beinn, (G) [Gaelic], A mountain; A hill, A pinnacle.
Caora, Caorach, A' Chaora, Sheep. Gael. [Gaelic].

Gen. plu. [Genitive plural] Chaorach
Beinn Chaorach The Sheep Hill

[By entry for Bealach a' Chabair:]
Corrected at Glasgow
Bealach a' Chabair or plur. [plural]
Bealach nan Cabar
A noun when immediately preceded by the article suffers some changes in its initial
form. 1st The aspirated is assumed by a mas. [masculline] noun in the gen. [genitive] and dat. [dative] sing. [singular]
Stewart's Grammar page 138
Forbes Grammar page 66
"Bealach, A defile, a passage, the pass or gorge of a mountain, Gael. [Gaelic];
"Cabair, (from Cabar, G. [Gaelic]) A deer's horn, an antler, Gael. [Gaelic]
"An, the." Bealach-an-Cabair, The deer's pass

Note In cases like the above it matters little whether it is Bealach an Chabair or Bealach a' Chabair.

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