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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Creag Tharsuinn
Creag Tharsuinn
Colin MacKay
Finlay Sinclair
Duncan McFarlan, Strone
009 A long and nearly perpendicular precipice of 50 feet in height, situated between "Cruach an t-Sithein" and "Ben Eich". The rock is named from its peculiar position- tarsuinn literally signifying - going crossways.
CRUACH AN T-SITHEIN Cruach an t'Sithein
Cruach an t'Sithein
Cruach an t'Sithein
Cruach an t'Sithein
Cruach an t'Sithein
Cruach an t'Sithein
Peter McGregor
Colin MacKay
Donald McLellan
Finlay Sinclair
Donald Sinclair, Firkin
Dugald McFarlan, Creagan
Johnston's Co. [County] Map
009 A well known name applied to one of the highest hills in the Parish of Luss. It rises steeply and regularly, on all sides, to a great height, and its top is crowned with a little round knoll of about 2 chains in diameter at the top, from which it takes its name. "Cruach an t'Sithein" signifies the hill of the little knoll, or, in this case, the fairy knoll, as at a remote period it was supposed to be the resort of a tribe of fairies.

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Co [County] Dumbarton

[Below entry for Creag Tharsuinn:]
Creag, (G.) [Gaelic] A rock
Tharsuinn, (from Tarsuinn) Transverse, lateral

[Below entry for Cruach an t-Sithein:]
"Cruach, (G.) [Gaelic] A high hill
Sithean, der: [derivative] of Sithein, a little hill, or knoll

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