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Creag Ennic
Creag Ennic
Peter McGregor, Glenmallan
Findlay Sinclair, Gortean na Leirg
Colin McKay
009 A range of rocks situated near the top of "Ben Bhreachd", on its western side. The rocks are largest and steepest at the North end, and gradually become smaller as the approach the South termination of the range. This is a corrupted name whose derivation is not known.
Clach Sgoilte
Clach Sgoilte
Duncan MacFarlane, Strone
Donald Sinclair, Firken
Colin McKay
009 A well known name, signifying Split Stone, applied to a huge mass of rock at the end of "Creag Tharsuinn." It appears at one time to have been one piece, but has been severed by natural causes so as to leave a passage of 3 feet in breadth between the one part and the other.

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Creag properly spelled altho [although] Ennic not known

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"Clach". A stone
Sgoilte, Cleft, splintered, &c.

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