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ALLT A' CHNOIC Allt a' Chnoic
Allt a' Chnoic
Allt a' Chnoic
Angus McIntyre, Lochsloy
M. Brodie, Garabal
M. McIntyre, Ardvorlich
003 A good stream rising from a marsh near "Maol Meadhonach", and running round the West side of Cnoc falls into "Loch Sloy".
Loch Sloy
Loch Sloy
Loch Sloy
Johnston's County Map
Robertson's Tourist Guide
M. Martin Esqr. Factor
M. Brodie, Garabal
003 A narrow lake about a mile long lying between "Ben Vorlich" and "Ben Vane". It is fed by the streams coming off those mountains, and "Inveruglas Water" carries its water to "Loch Lomond", It is celebrated from being situated in the part of the country chiefly occupied by Clan Macfarlane.

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Co. [County] Dumbarton

[Below entry for Allt a' Chnoic]:
Allt, a stream, Chnoic, a knoll.
"A definite noun masculine aspirates the genitive." (P.22)
Cnoic or Cnuic gen. [genitive] sing [singular] of Cnoc
Cnuic is preferable

[Below entry for Loch Sloy]:
"Loch, a lake Sloigh, of a people"

"The chief of the Clanfarlane fixed his residence
partly at Tarbet, and partly in a small island in
the northern part of Lochlomond. The gathering
place and slogan, or crie de guere, of the Clan was
Loch Sloy, a small lake a few miles to the north west
of Inveruglas" (Irving's History).

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