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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
SCHOOL [Kirktonhill] Westerkirk School James Bryce Schoolmaster James Murray Farmer Bentpath 036 [Situation] 23 chains S.W. [South West] from the Parish Church.
A house, one storey high, slated, in good repair, used as a School room, where the different branches of education are taught by James Bryce, the average attendance of Scholars are 89. Maximum salary is £34.4.4 1/2, with Scholars fees about £20 per Annum. He is also parish Registrar, and has an allowance of £12 per annum for being Inspector of poor and Collector Combined.
Old Bentpath
James Bryce
James Murray
036 [Situation] 25 chains S.W. [South West] from Parish Church.
Apples to an old farm steading Situated West from Bentpath and close to the Westerkirk School. It is principally used by James Murray Innkeeper as Byres and for Storing grain

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Parish of Westerkirk -- Sheet 36 No. 9 trace 4

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