List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CAT SIKE Cat Syke James Anderson Shepherd Greensykes.
Thomas Anderson Shepherd. Glendinning.
019; 027 [Situation] East side of Useless Hill
A Stream which rises between Useless Hill and Cat Rig and flows in a Southerly direction until it joins Mirk Syke.
KIRK CLEUCH Kirk Cleugh James Anderson. Shepherd. Greensykes
Thomas Anderson Shepherd Glendinning.
027 [Situation] South of Useless Hill
A large hollow between Haregrain Rig and Kirkcleugh Rig, on the farm of Glendinning. Through it runs a large stream formed by the streams Cat Syke and Mirk Syke.
DOG SIKE Dog Syke James Anderson.
Thomas Anderson.
027 [Situation] Flows into Kirk Cleuch.
A small stream which rises between Useless Hill and Loath Knowes and flows South until it joins a small stream which runs through Kirk Cleugh.
Useless Hill
Eweslees Knowe
Eweslees Knowe
Eweslees Knowe
Thomas Anderson
James Anderson
J. Hastie
J. Elliott Langholm
J. Connel Esqre
019; 027 [Situation] North of Kirk Cleuch.
An Eminence Covered with rough pasture, Situated to the north of Kirk Cleugh

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