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Megget Water
Meggot Water
Thomas Anderson Shepherd Glendinning
Andrew Anderson Shepherd Glendinning
Johnston's Co. [County] Map
026; 035 [Situation] About ½ mile E. [East] of MucKle Knowe
A considerable Stream taKing its source from the junction of 'KirKcleugh Burn' and Corlaw Burn flowing in a southerly direction till it enters the River Esk a little below WesterKer mains
HAREGRAIN BURN Hairgrain Burn See Name Sheets for Plan 27.5 Page 13. No 2 Book
GLENSHANNA KNOWES Glenshanna Knowes John Elliot Shepherd
Thomas Anderson Shepherd
026 [Situation] About ½ Mile N.E. [North East] of Glendinning
A considerable hill or Knowe the surface of which is heath and rough pasture situated on the farm of Glendinning and is the property of Sir Frederick Johnstone of Westerhall
HAREGRAIN RIG Haregrain Rig See Name Sheet 26 No 8

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Parish of Westerkirk -- Sheet 26 No 12 Trace 3

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