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Shawhead Plantation
Mr Rogerson Fingland
Thomas Bridden Hazelbank
- Henry Cacrabank
Valuation roll of the County Dumfries
034 A small wood of mixed timber, of medium size trees, formerly a brushwood and named then as given in the 2nd column of this plan.
WHITE HILL White Hill Estate map
Mr Rogerson Fingland
Thomas Bridden Hazelbank
034 A pretty high hill of a conical like shape, and cultuivated, the name is well known and forms a remarkable feature in the locality.
Altitude about 400 feet above sea level

Continued entries/extra info

181 Parish of Wamphray Sheet 34.5 Trace 3

Entry for Heathery Knowe Plantation scored out.

Elbeckhill Shaw entry [Shawhead Plantation and Elbeckshaw] in Column 2 scored out.

White Hill situation 1/2 mile North from Hazelbank

Elbeckhill Shaw situation 1/2 mile North North West from Hazelbank

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