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TORTHORWALD CASTLE (Remains of) Torthorwald Castle Rev Joseph Duncan
William Lithgow
Robert Henderson
050 Torthorwald Castle is traditionally reported to have been built by a shoemaker of the name of Skrimple or Skriryhard-Scares by means of a treasure which he found whilst digging his garden.* Its date of foundation is supposed to have been in the 13th century. It belonged to the Earl of Morton in the 16th century and it was inhabited by his natural son who in 1590 was created Earl of Torthorwald by James VI. It is situated near the church and Manse and village of Torthorwald - a great part of the walls are still standing. No decay or dilapidation has taken place this last half century: indeed it may stand as it is for many years: as the Mortar with which it is cemented is as firm as the solid stone; some parts of the ramparts and fosse with which it was surrounded still remains although much defaced by the process of cultivation.There was a tower connected with the Worship of Thor the name signifying the Tower of Thor in the Wood, it was fortified about the year 1291 & posessed by the Torthorwald family and afterwards by the Carlyle and Douglas families.
*The Treasure above alluded to was not found by accident Mr Skrimple or Skriryhardscares when following his calling London dreamt three succesive nights of this treasure. He then returned to Torthowald and found it in the exact place of which he dreamt. } Lewis' Topographical Dictionary

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