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ANDREW'S KNOWE Andrew's Knowe. William Sharp. 013 A prominent rocky feature on Barr Moor standing conspicuously out on the summit of the ridge which terminates the left bank of the Euchan.
SENTRY KNOWE Sentry Knowe. William Sharp. 013 A smaller feature of similar character to the last and situated a few chains from it in a south-westerly direction.
CLANNACH KNOWE Clannach Knowe. William Sharp. 013 A feature similar to Sentry Knowe.
[Hand 2] This is evidently Gaelic Clannach, - the Name thereby signifying, the Knowe bye or near the Clusters of Rocks, which is descriptive.-
GLEN BURN Glen Burn. William Sharp. 013 A small stream rising on Whiteside - on the farm of Glenmaddie and falling into Euchan Water at a point nearly opposite Sentry Knowe.

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[Page:] 275,
Parish of Sanquhar, -- Sheet 13.1. Trace No. [Number] 5.

[ANDREW'S KNOWE - Situation:]
On Barr Muir
¾ mile West from
Drumbringan Wood

[SENTRY KNOWE - Situation:]
12 Chains S,W, [South West]
from Andrews Knowe

[CLANNACH KNOWE - Situation:]
Adjoining Sentry Knowe
on the N.W.W. [North West West]

[GLEN BURN - Situation:]
From between the
bases of Mid Rigg
and Cramley Knowes
(3¼ miles S,W, by S. [South West by South]
from Sanquhar) North
to Euchan Water

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C.A. [Civilian Assistant] Thomas Matheson

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