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LOVERS' PLANTATION Lovers' Plantation
Lovers' Plantation
Lovers' Plantation
William Thomson
Joseph Little
James Gray
061 [Situation] Nearly 2 miles N.W. [North West] from Ruthwell Village
This is a long narrow strip of Plantation which used to be kept in good repair in former times with a fine walk through it but at present it is unattended to
Wildcat Knowe
Wildcat Knowe
Robert Aitchison
James Black
George McLane
061 [Situation] In Comlongon wood
A Slight eminence in Comlongon Wood

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[page] 41
Parish of Ruthwell -- Sheet 61.3 -- Trace 2

[Note Foalmire Bridge, crossed out] -- This is not a Bridge, - This Pen is not recognised
in the locality by any proper Name.

[signed] John Houston

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