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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
THE SHAW Shaw Wood
The Shaw
The Shaw
Alexander Grierson
Thomas Nevison
William Mc Call
022 [Situation] About 3 Miles N.E, [North East] of Thornhill
A natural wood of forest trees and hazel bushes,— Situated at the foot of Ballybught Hill on the banks of kettleton Burn

Judgment Thorn
Alexander Grierson
William Bryden
Thomas Nevison
Statistics of Parish
022 [Situation] About 2 Miles N.N.E, [North North East] of Thornhill
A thorn tree probably the last representative of a group of thorns which had marked the spot where some execution or murder had occurred. — Within sight and at a short distance to the north-west there is a small conical hill encircled by a natural amphitheatre which might formerly have been used for judicial purposes.

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 48.
Parish of Morton -- Plan 22/7 Trace 6

[Note in Authority/Situation columns] Mr. Nevison, of the Burn, recollects the Ancient Thorn tree being standing, and says, this is growing from the old root

[Signed] W. Paterson c/a [civil assistant]

Transcriber's notes

check The Shaw - Descriptive Remarks - assumed to be 'forest' trees and hazel 'bushes', although the o and s in forest and the first s in bushes are atypical.

Judgment Thorn - Descriptive Remarks - some letters are lost in the fold ('where', 'west' and 'encircled' are assumed), the last letters of the first line is assumed to be 're-' and the last word of the second last line is assumed to be 'for'

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