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CAMP (Supposed) [Birrens] Roman Camp (site)
Roman Camp (site)
George Bell
Robert Carlyle
William Scott
051 This is a Roman Camp situated on the lands of Grain Hall. Its shape is that of a square but it is so much defaced by the process of cultivation that its original shape cannot be accurately distinguished, some parts of the ramparts and fosse still remain although much defaced, that it is Camp appears to be the belief of all persons acquainted with the locality.

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OSI/10/37/67 no entry for Firparknook on this page.
In red ink Birrens 1 reviewed 1896 by order of D G Dr[Doctor] Christian Society of Antiquaries Scotland This entry scored out.
below it the above remarks in red apply to the Romas station in sheet LV111 plan 1 and not to the above work.
The remarks is now transferred to to its proper place.

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