List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
ALDER WELL Alder Well David Murray Conhess
Robert Grieve Allfornought
052 Situated near the Plantin Syke, on Conhess.
ARCHIE'S SIKE Plantin Syke
Archie's Sike
David Murray Conhess
Robert Grieve Allfornought
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052 Plantin Syke sometimes known as Archie's Syke, takes its rise on Conhess Farm and runs into the Broadbeck Burn at Chapelhill.
BROADBECK BURN Broadbeck Burn David Murray Shepherd Conhess
Robert Grieve Shepherd at Allfornought
052 A small stream which rises near the march betwixt the farms of Conhess and Allfornought, and runs into the Kirtle at Patrickholm.

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Conhess Sike
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