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MIDDLEBIE [parish] Middlebie
Walker's Map of Scotland
044; 051; 052; 053; 057; 058 The name of this Parish is said to be derived from bee or bie a dwelling which is supposed to refer to a Roman Camp in fine preservation in the South Western district, midd having been prefixed, to distinguish this Camp from the other Roman Stations about 10 miles distant in opposite directions, at Netherbie in Cumberland and Upperbie in Eskdalemuir.

The Parish of Middlebie is bounded on the North by Tundergarth, on the East by Langholm and Half Morton, on the South by Kirkpatrick Fleming and Annan, and on the West by Hoddam and Tundergarth.
There is no detached part of Middlebie within the boundaries of another Parish, nor is within its limits as described a detached portion of any other Parish. It is an oblong stretching North East by East measures 6 1/4 miles long by 3 miles broad and contains about 17,430 acres:- about 1/4 of the whole Area is arable, about 360 acres in wood and the remainder pastoral and waste.
The surface along the South West is low and undulating, towards the centre hilly, and in the North mountainous and wild. A clayey soil prevails gravel and loam being occasionally met with. The greatest altitudes are from 800 to 900 feet. The entire district is well watered by numerous Streams, the principal of which are Kirtle Water on the East boundary Mein Water and Westgill Burn on the Western boundary and River Sark which rises in the most easterly district, the majority of the other Streams being merely rills termed in the district Sikes. The Caledonian Railway from Edinburgh traverses the Southern district in a Southerly direction towards Carlisle. There are two Turnpike Roads, which intersect each other near the Southern extremity of the Parish. Limestone is worked to a considerable extent. No minerals are wrought, Coal has been supposed to exist, to discover which many expensive but unsuccessful attempts have been made. There are

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