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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Site of KILLBRIDE Killbride
Chalmers' Caledonia
The Stat. Acc. [Statistical Account] of Dumfries
Fullarton's Gazetteer
James Marchbank
William Martin
Philip McCubbin
040 [Situation] About 2½ chains N. [North] of Kirkbride. The Site of This Church or Chapel according to "The Old Statistical Account of Dumfries Shire" was at the hamlet formerly called "Killbride" in the Saxon form, and was dedicated to St Brigid. The Statistical Acc [Account]: 1836. Page 467, contains the following Notice of this Site.- " A Chapel is reported to have stood on Kilbride hill, and a Cottage still remains with walls about 3 feet thick, which is said to have been the Manse. The position of the Chapel is assigned to the spot on which the present farmer declares that he has often laid bare with the plough a piece of pavement comprised of small stones all of a size. A neighbouring patch of ground, on which the crops are always too luxurious is pointed out as the Church Yard. A person lately dead used to tell that he had assisted in removing some of the grave-stones, And in collecting and burying Scattered human bones. The Irish Kill as the original mode adopted here.
Site of ST BRIGID'S CHAPEL 040 In the Stackyard of Kirkbride Farm a Church dedicated to St Bride formerly stood. There are no remains but there are some carved figures on Stone which have been dug up in the vicinity of where it is supposed the Chapel stood.

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