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Capenoch Moor
Capenoch Hill
Capenoch Hill
Capenock Moor
Revd. [Reverend William Menzies
Mr. Smith
Mr. Hyslop
Stat: Acc: [Statistical Account] of Dumfries
Edward Hoggan Esq.
031 [Situation] Nos. 6. 7. on Trace 1. and No. 7 on Trace 5. On the western side of Parish and adjoining Penfillan and Waterside Moors.
A tract of Moorland property of T. S. Gladstone of Capenoch, sometimes called Capenoch Hill.
Bush Burn
Bush Burn
Mr. Smith
Plan of the Estate
Mr. Hyslop
031 [Situation] At No. 34 West Side of Trace 3. In a North-Western direction through Plan towards Penfillan Burn.
A Small Stream having its Source in the Keir Hills & bears the name from the Joining of two Small Streams on "Beuchan Moor" to Penfillan Burn.
LINNHEAD RIG Linnhead Rigg
Linnhead Rigg
Linnhead Rigg
Lynnhead Rigg
Mr. Smith
Plan of farm
Mr. McKinnel
Mr. Wright
031 [Situation] In the West of Trace No. 3 at No. 33. About 40 Chains N.E. [North East] of Barr Hill.
A hill feature on Penfillan Moor joining Bush Burn forms a Ridge of elevated Land. [Initialled] M D.
The Scotch word for a Ridge would be more correctly written as Rigg, as this mode approaches nearer to its derivative "Rigge," old English. In other languages synonimous terms occur having the double g. Rig is used also in Scotch and is applicable in the similar use as the English Cant term Rig, frolic, tumult &c.

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