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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Byreholm Moor
Byreholm Moor
Mr. James Milligan
Mr. William Smith
Mr. William Wright
031 [Situation] In the Centre of Trace 1. About 40 Chains N.W. [North West] of Keir Church.
A district of Cultivated land formerly a Moor, rough and healthy in [--] time it was used as a Race Course
Moor Mulloch
Moor Mulloch
Mr. Milligan
Mr. Smith
Mr. Wright
031 [Situation] No. 134 on Trace No. 1. About 13 1/2 Chains North of Byreholm Moor.
A Small eminence on Byreholm Moor consisting a hill feature and on which Stood the people to look at the Horses running on the Course of Byreholm Moor when used for that purpose.
Mullach correct as Mulloch would give the signification of "the remains of an artificial mound" [which is] not the case.
Cairn Knowe
Cairn Knowe
Mr. Kirkpatrick
Mr. Wright
Mr. Smith
031 [Situation] At No. 140 on Trace 1. About 11 chains S.E. [South East] of Moor Mullach.
A small eminence on Byreholm Moor on which stood a Cairn from time immemorial until removed lately by the farmer for the sake of cultivation hence the name which is still retained.

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 32
Parish of Keir -- Sheet 31/6

Moor Mullach [note] Mulloch - on Top of -
Molach - Rough
that is the Top or highest
part of Byreholm Moor Omo [Ordnance mapping office]
" Mullach - Rough"
Mullach - an eminence, Gaelic Dicty. [Dictionary]

[Signed] M. Donohue c.a. [civilian assistant]

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