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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CHURCH [Keir Mill] Keir Church
Keir Church
Keir Church
Revd. [Reverend] W Menzies
Mr. Arundell Barjarg
Crawfords Co. [County] Map
031 [Situation] No. 34 on Trace 4 To the N.E. [North East] of Keir Mill Village.
A neat edifice with a burial ground and ecclesiastical district, or Glebe attached. Revd. [Reverend] W. Menzies is the present Incumbent. It was built in 1814, and has sittings for about 450.
THE MANSE [Keir Mill] The Manse
The Manse
The Manse
Rev. [Reverend] W. Menzies
Mr. F Arundell Esq.
Col. [Colonel] Hoggan
031 [Situation] No. 65 on Trace 4 About 11 chains East of Keir Church
A dwelling house of neat appearance, out offices and Garden & Glebe Occupied by the present proprietor Rev. [Reverend] W. Menzies Incumbent (or Minister) of Keir.
Brownhill Cottages
Brownhill Cottages
Brownhill Cottages
Rev. [Reverend] W. Menzies,
Mr. [-]. Smith,
Mr. Black,
Edward Hoggan Esq.
031 [Situation] Nos. 107 & 108 on Trace 4. About 8 chains N.E. [North East] of Brown Hill.
Two dwelling houses and garden property of George Hoggan, Minor.

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Parish of Keir -- Sheet 31/6

Keir Church [note] Parish Church See remark 54 on Exn. [Examination] of Plans -
Exn. [Examination] office 24th March 56 [1856]

[Signed] M. Donohue

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