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Rowantree Park
Rowantree Park
The holmfarm Wood
Mr. William Brown
Mr. J Kirkpatrick
Mr. Smith
Mr. Brown
031 [Situation] No. 77 on Trace 5 and 6. & 21 on Trace 2 and 3. About 17 chains E. [East] of Round Hill.
Applies to a large Plantation which consists principally of Fir trees excepting a portion in the North end where it is chiefly Forest trees with young fir mixed Not long since this was nearly all forest trees, but cut down & planted with fir trees, The Rowantree better known as mountain ash grows here spontaneously hence the name formerly part of the Capenoch Estate was in a farm called the holm Farm & Rowantree park was part of it but always this was called Rowantree Park from the reason above stated,
Whitefauld Rig
Whitefauld Rig
White Fold Rigg
Whitefauld Rigg
Whitefauld Rigg
Estate Plan
Mr. Henry Smith
Mr. Kirkpatrick
Mr. Smith
Mr Hyslop
Game Keeper of Capenoch
031 [Situation] In the N.W. [North West] corner of Penfillan Moor on Trace 5 near Rowantree Park Wood About 17 chains N.E. [North East] of Capenoch Loch.
A small elevated Ridge on Penfillan Moor, on which are rocks and a Trigonometrical Station, "Fauld in the Scottish Language Means a Division of a Farm, so denominated because it is manured by folding sheep upon it. See Jamieson's Dictionary. Rig - a ridge, has not the final, g, doubled. See Edinburgh Magazine, & Jamieson's Dictionary of the Scottish Language.
See Remark Page 39.

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