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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Scar Water
Scar Water
Crawford's Co. [County] Map
J. Blacks Co. [County] Map
W. Brown,
031 [Situation] No. 24 on Trace 2 and 3 [corrections initialled MD] and on and near to the North and Eastern Parish Boundary
A stream which begins its Name in the Parish of Penpont Near Helscar and Glenmano, runs in Southerly direction, receives Shinnel Water on the West of Penpont and thence continues on its course to form a confluence with the River Nith on the West Side of Closeburn.
Shinnel Water
Shinnel Water
Crawford's Co. [County] Map
Blacks Co. [County] Map
W. Menzies,
031 [Situation] No. 1 on Traces 1, 2 & 4. On the N.E. [North East] Parish Boundary.
A stream which begins its name in the Parish of Tynron at a Point called Shinnel Head, and runs in a Southward Direction into the Scar Water near Penpont.
Estate Plan of Capenoch
Mr. Brown Factor for the Estate
Mr. Kilpatrick the occupant
Same authorities given for this mode of writing. See Page 23.
031 [Situation] No. 1 & 6 on Trace 3. About 34 chains N.E. [North East] of Capenoch.
An ordinary farm house with offices garden and a small parcel of land attached, Occupied by Miss Kirkpatrick [correction initialled MD] and property of Thomas Stewart Gladstone Esq. Laird of Capenoch.

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Parish of Keir -- Sheet 34 Plan 31.5

Scar Water [note] For other modes of spelling See Page 3.

[Signed] M Donohue

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