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James Fergusson
John Robson
James Laurie
040 [Situation] About 20 chains S.W. [South West] of Whitegate. A large farm house with extensive outbuildings and Garden. the property is in the hands of the Trustees of the late William Coupland.
James Fergusson
John Robson
Taxing Papers for Farm
James Laurie Occupant
Estate Document
040 [Situation] About 32 chains N.E. [North East] of Hillend. A farm house with out Offices and Garden the property is in the hands of the Trustees of the late William Coupland.
The proper name of this house is Ronaldston, although Well Known as Holmhead, the Farm has always been called Ronaldston & this is the Farm Ho. [House] belonging to it.
Kool Bridge
Cuel Bridge
Cuel Bridge
Cool Bridge
Cool [the Farm]
The Cool [Farm]
William Lawson
Thomas Maxwell
Robert Stobie
James Ferguson
Robert McMaster
Old Plan of Blackwood
Session Records
[Situation] 29½ chains N.E. by E. [North East by East] of Hillend. Thiss name is taken from an old Farm that formerly stood in the field above the Bridge, its Situation being at the back of the of the Hill Would in Irish be Called Ca---. This name seems of doubtful origin and the people of the locality can give no information as to its correct spelling. They state however, that it is taken from a Farm which at one time stood on the Top of a hill and which from its position thereon was termed The Cool. If so, then Coul is the correct orthography. though in Scotch colloquial usage it is pronounced as if written Cool. Mr Lawson one of the oldest Parish residents states that he has seen it written Coul. This is the Scotch for a nightcap and the origin of the name may seem plausible enough - to say that the hill was capped. MJ

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