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CAIRN WATER Stat. (Statistical) Acc. (Account) of Dumfries
Fullarton's Gazetteer
Johnstone's Co. (County) Map
040; 048 A Rivulet formed by the united Waters of Craigdarroch, Daluhar and Castlefairn near the village of Monicaive in the Parish of Glencairn which bears the Name of Cairn Water to its junction with the Auld Cluden Water.

The Cairn however is much vexed and more [vexing] in it`s turn by the doubtful extent of the application of its name.Previously to the Glencairn, what is sometimes called the Cairn figures in topographical nomenclature as the Castlefairn - and from the junction of the Cairn with the Glenesland on the boundary between Dunscore and Holywood - onwards till its union with the Nith it is sometimes termed Cluden Water. This topographical nomenclature may with good propriety to set aside by a Tradition, that the Cairn at one time pursued a different course, and which Tradition derives considerable credit from the pastures of land in that neighbourhood - and in accordance herewith and also the following description in Stat [Statistical] Account of Dumfries Page 337, the naming of this Stream on the Plans has been adopted. The Cairn rises among the hills of Balmaclellan or Dalry in the Stewardry of Kirkcudbrightshire and runs through the Parishes of Glencairn, Dunscore, Holywood and Irongray , in which last, it is joined by another Stream called the Clouden, which, although much smaller, carries also it's name to the United Waters of the Cairn and itself, from the parish of direction till they fall into the Nith, a few miles below. There is a [reason if signed,] however, for the name of the larger stream having merged into the smaller. For accessing to "( )" and did not mix its Waters with the Cluden at all. Instead of passing through the Parishes of Holywood and Irongray, it is supposed to have passed through Dunscore in an [easterly] direction down the Glen of the [?] and to have fallen into the Nith several miles higher up than the [Clondon ?] And it is a [reason for this in part] of this tradition that the "(Clouden)" called the "Auld Water" of Clouden that is, previously, to its junction with the Cairn Water. JBJ. [signed] J B Junor c/a [Civilian Assistant]

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