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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Chapman Thorn
Chapman Thorn
Gribton Wood
Chapman Thorn
Francis Maxwell of Gribton
Mr. Dunbar
David Dickson
Mr. Thornburn and many others,
Johnstones Co. [County] map
049 [Situation] No. [Number] 8 on Trace 4.
A large fir plantation in the occupation of, and property of Francis Maxwell and is frequently called Gribton Wood, being on the Estate of Gribton.
The Thicket
The Thicket
Joseph Arkness
Mr. William Brown
Mr. Currie
049 [Situation] No. [Number] 8 on Trace 5
A fir Plantation the property of Admiral,Charles, James, Johnston of Cowhill
This is the name - by which it generally is Known in Holywood but Admiral Johnston States it has no particular name
[initialed] MD

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 29,
Parish of Holywood Sheet 49 Plan 1.

[Entry for Croughmagat Road is scored out]

[Signed] M Donohue c a . [civil assistant]

Transcriber's notes

There are initials JBJ below the 2nd and 3rd entries in the Orthography and also initials(?) in the List of Names - Won?

[Entry for Croughmagat Road is scored out]: Cancelled
Not sufficiently defined R.S. Cap. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]

The Thicket - 1st Authority - Joseph Arkness [Harkness] ?
pencil(?) writing in 1st column ignored as overwritten/erased

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