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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Dundrum Plantation
Dundrum Plantation
Dundrum Plantation
Dundrum Plantation
John Hall Townhead
John Murray Berryland
James Smith Loweberry
Mr. Corrie
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Davidson
John Beck
Mr Hamilton
048 A fir plantation trees of average size & closely planted the property of Alexander Maxwell.
The etymon of this word is probably "Dun - a hill" and "Drum a Ridge - a term applied to hillocks which rise as ridges above adjacent grounds.
Far Dundrum
Far Dundrum
John Hall
John Murray
James Smith
048 A fir plantation - trees of average Size & closely planted—the property of Alexander Maxwell Esq.
LOWEBERRY [hill] Loweberry
Thomas Campbell Killyloch
Johnson's Co. [County] Map
Estate Map
James Smith Gamekeeper
048 A considerable hill, — there is no settled mode of spelling this name, but I think Loweberry is the correct way. 'Lowe' means 'Hill' - Berry in Dumfries usage means to thrash corn, - and as it was usual before the introduction of machinery to do so on elevated situations,— [probably] hence the name.

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 20,
Plan 48.3 . -- Trace No. [Number] 3 & 4

Transcriber's notes

There are initials JBJ below each of the entries in the Orthography and also initials(?) in the List of Names - Won?

NB: the 1st column (List of Names to be corrected) shows a spelling for Dundrum different from anywhere else on the page - Dunarom
There are some words written in pencil(?) in the Orthography column - possibly - Dunndrum? (also at the bottom - 2n. Loweberry Hill - but crossed out)
check Loweberry - Descriptive Remarks - last word, 2nd last line is smudged, but appears to be "probably"

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