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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MEINBANK Meinbank Thoma Roddick Farmer
James Roddick Whins
Herbert Hunter
057 A farm with dwelling and office house threshing machine and all in good repair.
Situated on the South of Mein Water near where it joins the Annan.
MEINFOOT Meinfoot John Orr MacKenzie
Herbert Hunter Farmer
James Roddick Whins
057 A farm with extensive offices including a Threshing Mill on Hoddam Castle Estate.
Situated on the right bank of Mein Water and near its junction with River Annan.
MEINFOOT COTTAGES Meinfoot Cottages John Orr MacKenzie
Herbert Hunter
James Roddick
057 Three cottages with gardens on the farm of Meinfoot.

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