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David Ewart Esq[Esquire]
David Galbraith
F S Arnott M D
057 A considerable village near the east side of the parish of Hoddam on the road from Carlisle to Glasgow. It is supposed the name of the village is arrived from the Latin word Ecclesia, and an Irish abbot called Fechan who lived in the neighbourhood in the seventh century. The village is very irregularly built but has several good modern built houses which are occupied by the respected families. In it are five Taverns or Inns and a Post Office.
Formerly there were several meets and fairs in the Course of the year, but now there are only two of any importance.
Population about 1000
Once at least a month a market is held in the village of Ecclefechan .
There is also a pork market held every week during winter.
New Statisical Account of Hoddam

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