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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Rent Receipt
Mr. NicKson
Mr. James Wallace Milligansbush
Black's Co. [County] Map
Sir John Maxwell Bart. [Baronet]
059 [Situation] About 1 mile S.W. [South West] from Milligansbushfield.
A farm house with outbuildings & garden attached the property of Sir John Maxwell Bart [Baronet] of SpringKell
Rae Burn
Rae Burn
Mr. M. Gass Raeburn Head
Mr. NicKson Raeburn Foot
James Wallace Milligansbush
059 [Situation] On the Wn. Ph. [Western Parish] Boundary.
A small stream having its rise on Hayfield farm, runs in a Westerly direction and joins Logan Burn, where the united streams take the name of Black Sark to its confluence with River Sark
Black Sark
Black Sark
Black Sark
Black Sark
Mr. George Beattie Cowgarth
Mr. NicKson Raeburn Foot
Andrew Broatch Goldieslee
Johnston's County Map
Blackwood's County Map
059 [Situation] From the junction of Rae and Logan Burns S.E. [South East] to River Sark.
A stream formed by the junction of the two burns Logan burn & Rae burn runs in a Westerly direction & empties itself into the River Sark

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Parish of Gretna -- Sheet 59.9 Trace 4

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