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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
STATION [Gretna Green] Gretna Green Station
Gretna Green Station
Rev. [Reverend] J. Roddick Gretna
B. Fergusson Esqr.
Mr. W. Duff
064 [Situation] On the Glasgow and South-Western Railway
This name applies to the Railway Station at Gretna Green on the Glasgow And Southwestern [Railway] the building is small And of wooden Construction.
Site of FORT [Gretna Hill] British Fort (Site of)
British Fort (Site of)
Rev. [Reverend] J. Roddick
B. Fergusson Esqr.
Mr. W. Duff
064 [Situation] On Gretna Hill
The vestiges of a British Fort situated on a gently rising Eminence a little to the east of the village of Gretna Green, This must have been a place of Considerable Strength from [the nature] of the ground and the size of the Entrenchment.
Gretna Hill
Gretna Hill
Rev. [Reverend] J. Roddick
B. Fergusson Esqr.
Mr. W. Duff
064 [Situation] 1/2 mile S.E. [South East] of Gretna Green.
A small hill on the farm of Allisonsbank and Commands a delightful prospect.

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Parish of Gretna -- Plan 64.1 Trace 6

[Signed] Philip Munro
Lce. Corp. R.E. [Lance Corporal Royal Engineers]

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