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James Beattie Esqr. Davington
John Bell Schoolmaster Davington
Johnston's Co. [County] map
018 [Situation] About 1/2 mile S.E [South East] from Over Dumfedling
A small hamlet composed of a small farm house with offices, a smithy and three rows of cottages - all in good repair - having gardens attached; there is a small sheep farm attached to the farm house. The property of G.G. Bell Castleo'er, & James Beattie Esqr. Davington. The farm is tenanted by Mr. Greive, and the cottages are occupied by laboring people.
KITTY'S KNOWE Kitty's Knowe
Kitty's Knowe
James Beattie Esqr. Davington
Mr. Greive Farmer Burncleugh
018 [Situation] W. [West] Side of Burncleuch
A small knowe on the farm of Burncleugh; covered with rough pasture.

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