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Letterstone Heights
Mathew Little shepherd Sandyford
Joseph Bell Shepherd Sandyford
[Situation] About 18 Chains NW. [North West] of Fauldbrae
Is a small hill upon which there is a Trigl. [sketch inserted] [Trigonometrical Station] called "Letterstone". It is covered with rough pasture and rocks, is upon the farm of Twiglees and is the property of the Duke of Buccleugh.
LETTER STONES Lettered Stones
Lettered Stones
Mathew Little Shepherd Sandyford
Joseph Bell Shepherd Sandyford
026 [Situation] 6 Chains N.W. [North West] of Fauldbrae
Are some remarkable rocks situated upon "Letterstone Heights", upon which is formed by the action of the rain upon the soft parts, something like hieroglyphics, or letters, from which circumstance these rocks are called Letterstones.

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[Page] 47
Parish of Eskdalemuir
Sheet 26. No. 13. Trace 3.

Letterstone Heights [note] - "As for the rock on the farm of Twiglees commonly called the Letter Stones from the appearance
of letters that some think may be traced on them and of which they tell so many fabulous Stories
they are scarcely worth notice being evidently nothing else than the effects of time on the
rock which is composed of two kinds of stone the one of which is harder than the other. Fully
as strong an appearance of letters may be seen on the Watch Craigs which are a part of this
same range of rocks and lie about a mile and a half nearer the White Esk".
Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume] 12. p. [page] 614

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