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Handfasting Haugh
G.G. Bell Esqr.
Thomas Bell Esqr. Castleo'er
035 [Situation] About 1/2 mile S.E. [South East] of Lower Rig
"A piece of ground at the Meeting of the White & Black Esk, which was remarkable in former days for an annual fair that had been held there time out of mind, but which is now entirely laid aside. At that fair it was the custom for persons of both sexes intending to get married to choose a companion according to their liking, with whom they were to live till that time next year."
This portion of ground is on the Tanlawhill farm - occupied by G.G. Bell Esqr. of Castleo'er. The property of the Duke of Buccleugh

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Parish of Eskdale Muir -- Sheet 35 No. 10 Trace 5 & 6

Handfasting Haugh [note] - Annual Fair held here
(Noted for Handfasting Marriages.)
Hand-fasting, Hand-fastnyng - marriage with the encumbrance
of some canonical impediment, not yet bought off.
Jamieson's Dictionary.

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