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DUMFRIES [burgh] Dumfries
Robert Kemp Esqre. Town Clerk
John H. Bell
A. Hamilton Esqre.
J. McCormick
049; 055 [situation] In the South West Corner of the Co. [County] of Dumfries
A Royal Burgh, the Capital of the County of Dumfries and the acKnowledged Metropolis of the S.W. [South West] quarter of Scotland, which is the Seat of a Circuit Court, of a Presbytery and of a Synod. The Municipal government of the Burgh is vested in a Provost, three Bailies, a Dean of Guild, a Treasurer, nineteen Merchant Councillors Constituted according to the Reform Act. - The Town in divided into four Wards which elect the Town Councillors and Commissioners of Police - The Wards are not named but numbered 1.2.3 & 4 The Town Stands on Slightly elevated ground on the East bank of the River Nith and is joined to the Small burgh of Maxweltown by two bridges so that the latter may be considered a Suburb of the former or the two as forming one town. The population of the burgh was in 1851. 13,179. The Town enjoys the advantage of a considerable thoroughfare being the direct line of Communication between the North of Ireland [via Port Patrick] and London. It has two good principal Inns and several Taverns as also a Considerable number of public houses for the Sale of spirituous liquors. The Glasgow and South Western Railway opened in 1850 a Communication between this Town with Carlisle London Glasgow and Edinburgh. - The public buildings are of a tollerably good class and in keeping with the general appearance of the Town. There are two handsome Churches for the reception of the Parochial Congregations belonging to the Established Church and Quoad Sacra Chapel besides several handsome Churches or Chapels belonging to other denominations of religionists. - There are also several handsome [continued over on page 52]

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