List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MEG'S HIRST Meg's Hirst
Meg's Hirst
Meg's Hirst
Mr. Wilkin
William Paterson
John Kirkpatrick
049 Situation - To the South of And Adjoining Downs Moss - A patch of Arable land surrounded by Moss, Occupied by Mr. Wilkin the property of Miss Douglas,
Sand Loch
Sand Loch
Sand Loch
Sand Loch
Robert Mather
John Allan
James Houston
Johnston's Co. [County] Map
Fullarton's Gazr. [Gazetteer]
049 Situation- In the S.W. [South West] Corner of this Plan- A low lying trct of moss Said to have been formerly Loch, the property of John Stone Esqr. of Carnsalloch.

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[Page] 32. -- Parish of DUMFRIES, -- Plan 49. 12. -- Trace 6.

[Note below Meg's Hirst] " The application of Hirst in this name is not borne out by the features of object. - It seems to be in noway appropriate either in Scotch Border or English usage, the first being applicable to hard and strong, and the two latter generally to wood

[Note below Sand Loch] " It is only of recent date, since this loch when frozen was the favorite resort of the Dumfries Curling Clubs

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