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RACE GROUND Race- Course
Race- Course
Race- Course
Race- ground
Race- ground
J. Wilkin Esq.
William Crosbie
Thomas Lawrie
Johnstone's Co. [County ] Map
Gazetteer of Scotland
049 [Situation] - In the district called Tinwald Downs - A large field in which races Were untill recently run, the field is Still Well Known by the name.
AuchenKeld Hill
AuchenKeld Hill
J. WilKin
H. Crosbie
Thomas Laurie
049 [Situation] - To the S.W. [South West] and Adjoining Tinwald Downs- A. green hill, from Which a good View of the races was attainable when held in the field adjoining, - derivation Auchen a field, Keld, a Spring -

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[Page] 27 -- Plan 49. 12 -- Trace No. 1 -- Parish of Dumfries

Entry for Racecourse Moss has been scored through - note " This feature will shortly disappear as it is presently being reclaimed to some extent."

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