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RIVER NITH River Nith Mr Russell
Mr. Scott
Mr. Thomson
049; 055 [Situation] Running Southerly past Dumfries Ringholm Quay Tracing the most part Dumfries Parish Western Boundary.
A Considerable River with rises in Ayrshire and runs thro [through] the Western portion of Dumfries shire & empties itself into the Solway Firth It is navigale for small vessels as far as Dumfries.-
Mr. Russell
Mr. Thomson
Mr. Scott
055 [Situation] From 1/2 Mile to 1 1/2 miles from Dumfries
A tract of low level ground adjoining the River Nith Subject to flooding partly during Spring times Otherwise good arable pasture The property of Mr Wood of Hannah field.

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Plan 55. 7 -- Trace 1 -- Parish of Dumfries -- [Page] 231

"This field was given by King James to the Burgesses of Dumfries for games of recreation, among others, archery- And the shooting for a Silver Gun. "- O.B. [Owen Barrett]

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