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Lochar Moss
Lochar Moss
J. Kirkpatrick
Mr. John Duff
Mr J. Fraser
049; 050; 055; 056 [Situation] From N. to S. [North to South] on the E. [East] Side of this Plan.-
An extensive morass in Several parishes, it Stretches northward from the Solway Firth in a Stripe of 10 miles in length and from 2 to 3 miles in breadth, and over its whole extent is nearly a dead level, considerable portions of this moss are reclaimed and Still a reclaiming, It Supplies Dumfries and its locality with part of their fuel, Tradition asserts that this moss was originally covered with wood,next inundated by the Sea and navigable to nearly its head, and next choKed up by the wreck of vegitation and the deposits of the Solway tide, and thus transmuted into a morass. the people around this moss preserve the above tradition as follows,
"First a land, and then a Sea
"now A moss and ere will be.

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