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COMMERCIAL INN [Dumfri s] Commercial Inn and Hotel
Commercial Inn and Hotel
Commercial Inn
Sign Board
William Clerk
Robert Kemp.Esqr
055 [Situation] On the S.W. [South West] Side of High Street opposite Kings Arms Inn.
An old well Constructed house 2 Storeys high And in good repair, occupied as an Inn or Hotel and for Accommodation and respectability it is Considered the first of its Class in the Town - Although much Smaller than the Kings Arms Inn.- it has accommodation for about 20 travellers. There are Coach- houses and Stables attached, the latter capable of putting up about 30 horses, there are also Gigs and Post horses for hire and an Omnibus which goes to the Railway to meet each passinger train . - also a Stage -Coach goes from this Inn to Kirkcudbright each day,And one returns- another goes to LocKerby and returns every day.- This house has been an Inn or Hotel for about 30 years, prior to which it was a private dwelling .- It was in this house that Prince Charles Kept his Court while in Dumfries where he Claimed to stop for a while in 1745,- hen he was returning with his rebel Army from England.- A handsome room is shewn in the Second storey wherein he held his [levees ?] and gave audience to his Officers etc. This house is occupied by William ClarKe, The property of Mr. Halbert Druggist Annan.- Spirituous liquors of all Kinds are sold.-

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