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MAXWELL'S THORN Maxwell's Thorn
Maxwell's Thorn
Maxwell's Thorn
Maxwell's Thorn
Maxwells Thorns
Maxwells Thorns
Thomas Armstrong
John Halliday
Robert Beattie
Original Manuscript written by a neighbouring Proprietor
Gazetteer of Scotland
New Stat Acc. [Statistical Account] of Dumfriesshire as applied to the two Thorns
043 One of the two thorns, Called "Maxwels Thorns", they were Swept away by a flood, but were recovered and re-planted; the one here mentioned is standing at a Considerable distance from its original site. The old Thorn Called Maxwell's Thorn Commemorates the Spot where Lord Maxwell was killed at the battle of Dryfesands about the year 1600. It (the greatest of the Feudal Conflicts of Scotland in modern times - was between the Maxwells of Nithsdale and Johnstones of Annanvale Aided by the families neighbouring each. The Maxwells were defeated with the loss of 500 of whom many perished in the River Annan and Some were burnt in St Magdalene's Church Lochmaben to which they had fled. The Thorn Stood a tall tree till about 1823, when it was uprooted by the River, but the root and part of the Stem were again planted and still grow within a few yards of its original place.

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[Page] 69
Parish of Dryfesdale Plan 51.1 Trace 1.
See Page 37 Plan 43/13
[Signed] John Angus Corp [Corporal] RSM [Royal Sappers & Miners]

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