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SLODAHILL BURN Slodahill burn
Slodahill burn
Slodahill burn
Sloda Burn
Sloda Burn
Sloda Burn
Richard Davidson
Robert Masterton
William Patterson
Martin Johnstone
John Dickson
John Johnstone
043 [Situation] From between Turf Rigg and Newfield Hill running South and South-East.
A stream entering at the north east Corner of this trace and flowing in a south easterly direction through it till it falls into Catlins burn, both united forms Scales Cleuch, this stream is Known as Slodahill Burn - but Sloda Burn is better Known.
Charles Stewart
Richard Davidson
Walter Wood
Valuation Rolls
Johnstone's Co. [County] map
043 [Situation] 1 1/2 mile N.E. [North east] of Lockerbie Market Cross.
A Farm house with offices situated on the west side of this trace. It is said that these Were formerly the office houses belonging to Hilldykes, when that was a mansion house.

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Parish of Drysdale [Dryfesdale] Sheet 43.15 Trace 4
[Signed] John Houston

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